USA Christian Interest News

USA Christian Interest News

Show Description

USA Radio Network presents the latest news with the Christian perspective.

Our Anchor team delivers the traditional top of hour news block (2:00 minutes) which most of our Christian affiliates then pair with our 1 1/2 minutes of Christian Interest News stories and reporting. This package serves to meet listeners’ spiritual and informational needs.

The Christian Interest News (1:30 minutes) reports are also available on a stand-alone basis, or can also be paired with our bottom of hour newscast (1:00 minute), giving you three great options for airing just the right amount of news to meet your programming goals.

Barter affiliations are available to our commercial radio station partners, while paid subscriber affiliations are available to our non-commercial stations and streaming-only outlets.

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From exposing atrocities against the faithful to enlightening the audience with good news, the broadcast highlights news and events that affect Christians everywhere.